We are looking for influencers interested in working together with a new underwear brand.

The underwear brand is based in Sweden and is not launched yet. It will be both sportswear and underwear, with the mission to raise the bar in both worlds, without old and dusty ideas about women, bodies and underwear design.

The idea is that each selected influencer will receive a piece from the underwear collection and will then post regarding the brand on their social media. The theme for this social media campaign is body positivity, body confidence and to showcase the idea of the female body in a new and modern way, without the limits of the traditional portraits of woman and womens underwear. You are free to express this however you like in your own personal way.

Information regarding the collaboration:
- We are manly looking for influencers in Amsterdam and the nearby area.
- We are looking for multiply people with a wide range of following. You must however have a following of at least 3k followers and up. You do not need previous experience of collaboration on your social media.
- This is for a new underwear brand looking to represent people of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. It is very important that you share this idea, both as a mindset and through your social media.
- Age minimun: 18 years
- Last day to apply: 18th of February

If this sounds interesting to you, please submit your application below, make sure to include the link to your Instagram and that your profile is open. We will then contact you if we think your profile fits this project and provide you with more information.

If you have any further questions regarding this collaboration, please email us at info@miini.se

We are looking forward to your application!
Best regards, miini

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